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Yacht For Sale Broker Melbourne

Australia’s Cultural Capital: Melbourne

The second largest city in Australia, Melbourne is a lively coastal city with a rich cultural tradition and a high quality of life.  With some of the most scenic and popular tourist sites in Australia, Melbourne has become a top destination for travelers and Australians alike.  Every year, millions of visitors buy a ticket for Melbourne and enjoy the myriad experiences of this surprising and vibrant Australian city.

St. Kilda

One of the most popular beaches on Port Philip Bay, St. Kilda is a wide, sandy beach that’s well-known for its spectacular skyline views of Melbourne and its beautiful sunsets.  Luxury yachts abound off St. Kilda, and there is a marina for docking and rental of boats. There are plenty of shoreside diners in St. Kilda that allow pleasant dining experiences in the midst of plentiful maritime beauty.  Swimming, sailing, skiing, and diving are popular recreations on the beach at St. Kilda, which is always crowded with vacationers from all over the world.

Bathing Boxes at Brighton Beach

One of the most iconic sights in Melbourne is the row of brightly-colored bathing boxes on Brighton Beach.  Built nearly a century ago, the beach boxes are a whimsical reminder of the Victorian ideals of morality and decorum that were prevalent in the 19thcentury. The wooden boxes are virtually unchanged, and still maintain their classic Victorian architectural features.

Luxury Yachts for Sale in Melbourne

Sailboats and luxury yachts are such a common sight in Melbourne that finding a yacht broker to help buy a boat for sale should be easy.  But what’s the best way to find the yacht broker that’s right for you? Who do you call when you want to buy the best luxury yacht for sale in Melbourne?

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No matter what sailing yacht you’re looking for—mega yacht, private yacht, million-dollar yacht—our team of yacht dealers will find that special yacht for sale you really want to buy.  And if you’re looking to buy a boat for sale for the first time, don’t worry—the yacht dealers at Lombrosa take pride in helping new buyers find the best yacht for sale in Melbourne.  When you’re ready to buy the perfect luxury yacht for sale in Melbourne, contact Lombrosa and let us make it easy for you.

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Living in Melbourne

One thing that travelers learn while touring Australia is that there is a big difference between the two largest cities.  While Sydney remains the largest and most glamorous city, native Melburnians have learned to champion the hip, low-key vibe of their city.  It’s a city that’s progressive in the arts, education, health care, research and development, even in its cuisine.

Melbourne’s Power Breakfast

The cuisine of Melbourne (and indeed, of all of Australia) has come a long way since breaking free of the traditional English influence on the menus.  The cuisine used to be dominated by heavy bread and meat dishes but now healthy, lively, fresh, Asian-influenced dishes rule the day, especially at breakfast.  The Melbourne power breakfast, which started to become prominent in the 90s and is now internationally renowned, features a variety of local vegetables, fruit, nuts, herbs, and breads that are packed with different flavors, colors, and textures. And while it’s a healthy meal, Melburnians don’t skimp on the portions.  A good Melbourne breakfast might get you through to dinner.

Quality of Life

Melbourne continues to place high on annual lists of the World’s Most Livable Cities, and the city continues to improve the quality of life for its residents.  In addition to the great climate, plentiful waterways, and historical landmarks, Melbourne’s infrastructure is state-of-the-art, including the largest tram system in the world.  The large city (4.7 million) remains relatively easy to access for residents and newly-arrived tourists.

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