FERGUSON INDUSTRIES – $1,500,000 – 54.76M – 1966 The 179-foot Ferguson Shipyard LADY CHEBUCTO was built for the Canadian government as a fisheries patrol vessel with a duty range that included the Arctic Circle. LADY CHEBUCTO remained in active service through 1999. As a “shadow” or support vessel, LADY CHEBUCTO may require some deck modifications […]

LEOPARD 3 YACHT FOR SALE – MALAYSIA – $2,950,000 – 30.5M

MCCONAGHY BOATS – $2,950,000 – 30.5M – 2007 LEOPARD 3 is probably the best-known race and race charter yacht in the world. She not only has a phenomenal racing record, but also is an extremely successful charter yacht, and fully MCA compliant. Constantly kept up to scratch by a meticulous captain and crew. She offers […]


AZIMUT – $ 5,500,000 – 29.1M – 2017 The structural project of the hull has been carried out according to the High Speed ​​Craft Classification and has been approved by RINa. according to the « Rules for the Classification of Yachts ». VINYLESTER RESIN is used for the first coats of the ugly-lapped line. This kind of […]

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TRINITY YACHTS – $24,999,000 – 58.2M – 2009 Lavishly luxurious yet effortlessly chic, UNBRIDLED embodies the superyacht lifestyle at its finest. She is the ultimate yacht for comfortably enjoying the far reaches of the World. With one loving owner since new and an interior refurbishment in 2015, she now presents immaculately. UNBRIDLED is a proven […]

MOKA YACHT FOR SALE – MALAYSIA – $17,500,000 – 42.2M

SANLORENZO – $17,500,000 – 42.2M – 2015 MOKA is a 42.2m luxury yacht, built by Sanlorenzo and delivered in 2015. Her top speed is 16.0kn and she boasts a maximum cruising range of 4000.0nm at 12.0kn with power coming from two 1319.0hp Caterpillar C-32-ACERT diesel engines. She can accommodate up to 12 people with 7 crew members waiting on […]

LUXI 95 YACHT FOR SALE – MALAYSIA – $7,000,000 – 28.95M

CANTIERE SAVONA – $7,000,000 – 28.95M – 2019 LUXI95 is a new concept of wide body superyacht with the possibility to change from a full planing mode to the semi planing mode. Infinite spaces, huge lateral windows, endless light and harmony – a perfect mix between experience and innovative technology. As an option, LUXI95 can […]

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Malaysia’s Bold Vision

The multicultural country of Malaysia has one of the great emerging economies in the world and is poised to become a leading commercial center in Asia in the next decade. A country that teems with plentiful natural resources and incredible bio-diversity, Malaysia offers spectacular modern architecture and vibrant international cities.  It’s a welcoming spot for tourists, too, with its equatorial climate and breath-taking natural visions.

Kuala Lumpur

With over 1.5 million citizens, Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia’s largest city and capitol and one of the most striking cities in Asia.  With its spectacular skyscrapers and plentiful coastline, Kuala Lumpur is a prime destination for tourists with an appreciation for world-class architecture and leisurely boat and luxury yacht excursions.

Petronas Twin Towers

Rising 451 meters out of Kuala Lumpur, the Petronas Twin Towers are Malaysia’s most iconic architectural sight.  For six years, from 1998-2004, the Towers were the tallest building in the world, and today they remain the tallest “twin” buildings.  The towers are a tribute to the bold vision by the city’s planners to make the skyline of Kuala Lumpur one of the most futuristic in all of Asia.

Upside Down House

Loacted in the KL Tower, the whimsical “Upside Down House” is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Malaysia.  As the name implies, the house is a traditional, two-story English cottage built completely upside down.  All the rooms give the visual impression of an upended living space, with countless opportunities for surprising “home movies” of visitors walking on ceilings and hanging upside down.

Mega-Yachts for Sale in Malaysia

For visitors and residents who’d like to buy a luxury yacht for sale in Malaysia, there are plenty of opportunities to buy the boat you’ve dreamed about.  But what’s the best way to find the private yacht for sale you’d like to buy? What yacht broker should you trust when looking to find that special luxury yacht for sale? If you’re serious about a quality boat you’d like to buy, look no further than the luxury yacht dealers at Lombrosa. The experienced team of yacht brokers at Lombrosa yacht will work with you to find the best boat for sale in all of Malaysia.  Whatever you’re looking to buy—private yachts, million-dollar yachts, sailing yachts, small yachts—the yacht dealers at Lombrosa will help you buy the luxury yacht that’s especially suited for you.

And if you’re looking to buy a private yacht for sale for the first time, no worries—the yacht brokers at Lombrosa yacht dealers take special pride in finding the best yacht for sale for new owners.  Just take a look at the incredible selection of boats for sale at Lombrosa yacht dealers.  Our yacht brokers and yacht dealers will find the best buy for you and we’ll take the hassle away, too.  When you’re ready to buy the boat of your dreams, contact the yacht brokers at Lombrosa and let us find the yacht charter for sale.  There’s never been an easier time buy a private yacht for sale in Malaysia.

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Ready for the Future in Malaysia

For a country with such rich traditions of multicultural diversity and history, Malaysia is also a progressive country with its eye toward the future.  The country continues to reward innovation and it’s particularly geared to welcome new residents and visitors in the 21stcentury.

Medical Tourism

With nearly 1 million foreign patients arriving every year, Malaysia is one of the world’s Top Five destinations for medical tourists.  It has become a leading economic force in shaping Malaysia’s burgeoning commercial status.  The hospitals and medical centers in Malaysia have won numerous international awards for excellence and innovation, leading to a high quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Infrastructure Innovation

While other emerging countries are slow to upgrade their aging infrastructure, Malaysia has aggressively tackled the problem and has become one of the leading countries in Asia in state-of-the-art infrastructure.  It’s a part of the country’s vision to make Malaysia an attractive relocation destination, and it has improved the day-to-day life of Malaysian residents.

Leisure Time in Malaysia

Football is Malaysia’s most popular sport, and the country is looking to increase the sport’s visibility by submitting a bid to host the 2034 World Cup.  Badminton is also an incredibly popular sport in Malaysia, and the country has become a leader in hosting international competitions. The residents of Malaysia enjoy boating, sailing, and field hockey, and tennis has become a viable sport as well, with the country serving as host for various professional competitions and tournaments.

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