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Broker Yacht For Sale India

White Beaches of India

With over 4600 miles of coastline in its 11 states, India offers some of the most impressive beaches and vacation areas in the world.  With three major bodies of water surrounding the country—the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal, and the Arabian Sea—there is a wide variance of coastal geography that has great appeal for world travelers.  Though the state of Goa is renowned for its spectacular beaches, there are plenty of areas that present exquisite natural settings of coastal beauty.

Town of Gokarna

Located on the Arabian Sea in the state of Karnataka, Gorkarna is a popular pilgrimage for Hindus, with many sacred sites.  It’s also home to some of the most spectacular beaches in India.  The area has separate beaches that feature gleaming white sand, vibrant cafes, and coconut-tree lined restive locations. It’s a place where fresh seafood is always for sale, and where it’s easy to buy exotic mementos in local shops. It’s also easy to buy a hammock and just let the day pass you by, while watching the sights of this gorgeous natural vista.  With names like Paradise Beach, Half-Moon Beach, and Om Beach, Gokarna offers gleaming beaches that are perfect for rest and relaxation.

Puri, Odisha

Located about an hour south of Mumbai on the Bay of Bengal, Puri is home to the 12thcentury Jagannatha Temple, one of the most impressive temples in the country.  Visitors and natives flock to the city for its cultural and religious history, and the beach at Puri, the Ballighai Beach, is well-known for its golden yellow sands and spectacular sunsets.

How to Buy a Luxury Yacht for Sale in India

With so much coastline area, India is a great location for luxury and sailing yacht enthusiasts.  But what’s the best way to buy a boat for sale in India? How do you find the best yacht brokers and yacht dealers for your purchase? You could search the internet for “yacht brokers in India” or “the best luxury yachts for sale” or “how to buy a mega-yacht from a yacht dealer in India” and hope for the best, or you could simply contact the yacht dealers at Lombrosa Yacht.

The dedicated team of yacht brokers at Lombrosa knows where to find the best boats for sale in India, and we’ll find the luxury yacht you really want to buy. And it doesn’t matter what kind of boat you’re looking to buy—luxury yacht, million-dollar yacht, sailing yacht, small yacht—the yacht dealers at Lombrosa will find the best luxury yacht for sale to buy.  The incredible selection of private yachts for sale at Lombrosa is unmatched, and our yacht brokers will match you with the boat of your dreams.

And if you’re looking to buy a private yacht for sale for the first time, don’t worry—our yacht brokers want to make it easy for you.  We know that the decision to buy a boat for sale is important, and our yacht dealers are committed to finding you the best luxury yacht for sale in India.  It’s never been easier to buy the boat of your dreams.

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Recreation in India

A massive country both in size and population, India has a cultural history that encompasses nearly 4500 years.  Religious pilgrimages and time-honored rituals compose a large part of daily life in India, and for recreation, the people of India enjoy a variety of team and individual sports, often thriving on the international stage.


By far, the most popular sport in India is cricket, both in terms of participation and viewership.   The sport, which was introduced in the 18thcentury by European merchant sailors, had its first club established in India in 1792.  The national team played its first match in 1932, though it wasn’t until the 70s that the team started to make strides on the international scene. India has won the Cricket World Cup twice, most recently in 2011.  The team has established rivalries with other cricket powers, like England, South Africa, and Australia.

Racket Sports

In terms of popularity, badminton is the second most-played sport in India. Players from India have succeeded in recent years at the Olympic Games, with Saina Newhai winning the bronze medal in 2012, and P.V. Sindhu winning the silver in 2016.

Field hockey is another racket sport that is massively popular in India., with a long history of national starts performing well at international competitions.  The men’s national team won 6 straight gold medals from 1928-1956, and the sport remains a popular pastime for professionals and amateurs alike.  Tennis is a popular recreation in India as well, and the country has sponsored many professional competitions with leading tennis stars participating.

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