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France, the World’s Playground

From the rolling vineyard and pine groves of Provence to the blinding wonder of Paris, France is one of the most eclectic and exciting countries in Europe.  Millions of visitors buy a ticket for France every year, and this historical, multicultural country has become the world’s most popular tourist destination.  Natural wonders abound in France, from the dazzling coastline in the French Riviera to the rugged seascapes of Brittany.  And of course, there’s Paris, with its plethora of historical landmarks and its dizzying mix of fashion, culture, and architecture.

Charm of Brittany

On France’s northwestern coast, Brittany is a hilly peninsula with a rugged coastline and lots of local character. The Atlantic Ocean is the backdrop for the charming resorts and gorgeous beaches that dot the coast.  The Pink Granite Coast is well-know for its bluish-tones sand and rocks, and the walled-city of Saint-Malo is a popular stop for visitors and Bretons alike.  One of the area’s major cities is Brest, which has an important shipping harbor that doubles as a leading military port.


Just north of the French Riviera lies the lavender fields and pine forests of Provence, one of the most idyllic and attractive country-sides in France.  The pleasant, Mediterranean climate and abundant sunshine makes the area a popular destination for international visitors who enjoy the rolling vineyards and market towns that show off some of France’s most bountiful harvests.

Mega-Yachts For Sale in France

With so many renowned resort areas, France is a haven for luxury superyacht aficionados. Yacht brokers and yacht dealers abound in France, but what’s the best way to find the right yacht dealer to help you buy the boat for sale you’ve dreamed about? You could always Google “luxury yacht for sale” or “how to buy a boat in France” or “best yacht brokers” and hope for the best.  Or you could contact Lombrosa Yacht dealers and let our team find the luxury yacht for sale you really want to buy.

Our dedicated team of yacht brokers will work with you to buy the luxury yacht for sale you’ve always wanted.  And it doesn’t matter what type of boat you want to buy—private yacht, million-dollar yacht, luxury yacht, sailing yacht—our staff of yacht dealers will help you buy the boat for sale that’s perfect for you at a great price.

And if you’re ready to buy a private yacht for sale for the first time, you’re in luck—the Lombrosa Yacht brokers love to help first-time purchasers secure the best yacht prices. Our yacht dealers will take the hassle out of finding the best boat for sale, and we’ll make it easy for you to buy that special yacht in France you really want.  We know that what you want in a yacht broker is someone who knows what’s for sale and can show yu the best yacht that’s available to buy.  There’s never been an easier time to choose the yacht for sale you’ve always dreamed about.

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Day-to-Day Life in France

There’s always been a deep appreciation for art, fashion, and literature in France, and that deep-rooted appreciation for culture is manifested in the many galleries, museums, theatres, newspapers, and fashion houses in Paris and across the country. France is one of the birthplaces of modern democracy, after all, and has always been a leading center for intellectualism and progressive thought.  The country celebrates its heritage as the place where artists from all over the world go to learn and practice their particular discipline.

Musee D’Orsay in Paris

Located on the Left Bank of the Seine, the Musee D’Orsay primarily features French artists from the years 1848-1914.  It houses the world’s leading collection of impressionistic and post-impressionistic masterpieces, including paintings by Gauguin, Cezanne, Degas, Manet, Monet, and Renoir.  It’s one of the largest museums in Europe and a leading tourist destination in Paris.

The Great Outdoors

Of course, there’s more to France than spending the days indoors looking at art and watching live performances.  The country has a diverse topography that includes beaches, mountains, and rolling farmland.  Some of the most popular get-away spots are in the charming alpine towns in and around the French Alps  In addition to world class skiing in the winter, the summers in alpine towns provide great opportunities for sight-seeing, rock-climbing, and a whole variety of water-based activities.


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