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broker yacht for sale europe

The Perfect European Vacation

At some point in everyone’s life, a desire for adventure takes hold and you begin thinking extensively about the next plane ticket you’d like to buy and where you’d like the flight to take you. While there are countless vacation packages for sale online, it’s not always easy to pick just one destination – and we don’t recommend doing so.


You can satiate all your wanderlust in the heartland of western civilization: Europe.

Think about it. You can find a luxury yacht to ferry you from port to port aboard a sterile cruise ship, but to really gain meaningful experience you need to spend more than a few hours off the boat. That’s why savvy travelers know to look for nothing more than a cheap flight for sale and to let their imaginations take care of the rest. Doing so when you visit Europe is easy, simply because there are so many incredible things to see, do, and buy. There’s no one-size-fits all vacation when you travel in this fashion; just a myriad of possibilities that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the various cultures that make up the European heartland.

If you think that all-inclusive deal you saw for sale is the way to see Europe, think again.

Luxury Yacht Services from Lombrosa Yacht Broker Dealers

One of Europe’s defining features is its proximity to breathtaking shorelines, and with that comes ample opportunity to explore the various seas and oceans it abuts. What better way is there to do so than by buying your very own private megayacht and doing the touring yourself? Lombrosa Yacht is Europe’s premier luxury yacht broker/dealer, helping its customers buy gorgeous boats for sale of every shape and size: large yachts, small yachts, sailing yachts, million-dollar yachts, pre-owned yachts, superyachts, and more.

If you’ve yet to find a yacht broker that’s willing to work hard to find you the boat of your dreams for sale, fear not: Lombrosa’s talented team of European luxury yacht dealers knows the importance of going above and beyond during the luxury yacht buying process. Our superyacht dealers realize the buying process isn’t just a matter of finding you the best yacht prices around – it’s much more than locating boats for sale that happen to fall in your price range.

When you contact one of our megayacht brokers in Europe, you’ll be asked a series of questions designed to help us narrow the list of potential boats for you to buy. We’ll cross reference those qualities you’re looking for against our list of megayachts for sale before returning that list to you, so you can see what’s currently for sale. If you see a yacht for sale that you like, our dealers will help you buy it in the most convenient way possible. If not? Your broker will go back to the drawing board to help you locate and buy your dream yacht for sale in Europe.

Not ready to buy just yet? We’ll be offering yacht rental and yacht charter services soon!

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broker yacht for sale europe

European Life

With rich ancient and contemporary history; incredibly disparate, fascinating cultures; and a unique geographic location, living in Europe is unlike living anywhere else on planet earth.

There are countless reasons to consider abandoning your homeland in favor of a life in the heart of Europe, chief among them the amazing array of countries and cultures that make up this second-smallest continent. There’s a reason the stereotype of the incredibly cultured European exists, and that’s because with close, easy access to neighboring countries, Europeans are able to travel throughout the continent with ease, greatly enriching their lives in the process. Most of us cannot fathom hopping on a train and being in a completely different country in a matter of mere hours, but this is the reality of life in Europe.

If the ability to see more of the world isn’t a big enough selling point for you, consider the incredible quality of life most European countries boast. In a recent study conducted to determine how satisfied global populations were with life in their respective countries, European countries occupied three of the top five spots and astounding 14 out of 20 overall. While we can’t definitively say moving to Europe (if you don’t already live there) will make your life better, it’s clear to see that living there comes with an incredibly high quality of life.

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