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Canada: Four Seasons of Adventure

Canada is the world’s second largest country by total area, and in those 3.8 million square miles lies some of the most diverse and geographically varied land in the hemisphere.  Untouched forests, scenic mountains, freshwater lakes, beaches–from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Canada offers some of the most enticing opportunities for the outdoors adventurer.  Nearly 9% of Canada’s total area is covered by freshwater, with over 500 large lakes and innumerable small lakes and streams.  Fishing, sailing, rafting, and water skiing are popular recreations in some of the most idyllic freshwater sites in the world.

Not Just the Frozen Tundra

As even the most casual sports fan knows, hockey is more than just a sport in Canada; it’s a way of life and a source of national pride.  The sport is played year-round in Canada, with participation in virtually every level, from youth leagues to adult teams to the popular NHL franchises.

But Canada is more than snow and ice and frozen tundra.  The seasons are diverse and distinct across Canada, offering the best of spring, summer, fall and winter.  Nearly 82% of the country lives in or around urban areas, and the largest cities–Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver–are diverse, multicultural, international cities with vibrant downtowns and lively music and entertainment scenes.  And if you need to escape the big city, a short drive out of town will lead you to plenty of breathtaking sights of natural beauty.

Luxury Superyachts for Sale in Canada

With so much natural waterfront beauty, finding a luxury yacht for sale in Canada is not difficult.  Finding the right yacht broker or yacht dealer to help you buy the boat of your dreams, though, is more tricky.  How do you locate the right yacht dealer or yacht broker to help you buy the luxury yacht for sale you’ve always wanted? You could Google something like « luxury yacht dealers » or « megayachts for sale » or « how to buy a boat in Canada » and hope for the best, or you could simply contact  the Lombrosa Yacht dealers and let us help you search for the luxury yacht for sale that you really want to buy.

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yacht for sale canada

Life in Canada: Natural and Man-Made Wonders

In addition to the natural splendor so abundant in Canada, there are some stunning, man-made landmarks available to intrepid travelers and vacationers alike.  The landmarks give an impressive, historical vantage point to the great traditions of the people of Canada, while showing the ingenuity of modern visionaries.

Vancouver: Big City, Small Town Feel

As many international visitors discovered during the 2010 Winter Olympics, Vancouver is one of the most vibrant and visually beautiful cities in North America.  A dynamic seaport with acres of natural splendor, Vancouver is one of the great vacation cities in the world.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

Built in 1889, and rebuilt in 1956, the Capilano Suspension Bridge is a 460 foot long pedestrian only suspension bridge that stands 230 feet above the Capilano River in Vancouver.  Nearly 2,000 people walk on the bridge per day, with over 800,000 visitors traversing the spectacular sight during the year.

The Ice Hotel

Located 4 kilometers from the north end of Quebec City in the strongly French province of Quebec, the Hotel de Glace is the only « ice hotel » in North America.  The hotel is completely made of snow and ice; every winter, the hotel is completely redesigned and rebuilt.  The ephemeral, stunning hotel offers a one-of-a-kind experience, and over 1,000,000 visitors have stayed or toured the spectacular ice palace since it opened in 2001.

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